New Interfaces for Musical Expression++ Sydney, Australia, 15-18th June 2010

Expression is a central notion of humankind. It is what we do - when we have an idea, we write, draw, sculpt, speak, type, dance, touch - we want to express. We need to express. It is through expression that we make a change in the world, from the most modest little concept to deep and profound structures.

A broad program of events is envisioned. It includes the academic conference on the theme of expression in music and Human-Computer Interaction, with satellite symposia on expression in intersecting disciplines such as dance, architecture, information design, urban media, video, games, theatre and design, exploring the interdisciplinary collaborations engaged through expression and multimodality. There will be an extensive artistic program of concerts, exhibitions, performances and presentations and workshops for specialist academic, pedagogical and hands-on making communities.

UTS is a Technology University whose practice, research and teaching occurs at the cutting edge of creativity and technology. 2010 heralds the commencement of our new Bachelor of Sound and Music Design degree and Bachelor of Design (Photography & Situated Media) so the NIME conference occurs amidst a lot of excitement and interest in music, sound, interaction design, situated media and interdisciplinary conversation in Sydney.